Bob's Résumé


California State Polytechnic College, BSME, 1959. 

San Diego State University, MSME, 1971. 


1978 to 2006 - Technical Staff Engineer, Mechanical Engineering Laboratory, Motorola GED & General Dynamics C4S. Consulted with project personnel in the areas of mechanical design, analysis, instrumentation and test.  Able to focus a wide range of interdisciplinary skills on a systems solution and get things done with a hands-on approach. Conversant with solid modeling, kinematic synthesis and finite element computer tools, and able to program custom numerical simulations that exceed the scope of canned routines.

1971 to 1978 - Mechanical Engineer, Richland Energy Laboratory, McDonnell Douglas.  Designed and developed hydraulic actuator and control sub-modules employed in artificial heart energy conversion systems.

1965 to 1971 - Mechanical Engineer, Design Section, Douglas Aerophysics Laboratory, McDonnell Douglas.  Designed custom fast-response/acceleration-insensitive force and pressure measurement transducers.

1965 to 1965 - Contract Engineer on assignment to Douglas Aircraft, Frank Mayer Engineering.  Performed heat transfer analysis of the Saturn S-IVB engine chill down process.

1963 to 1964 - Teaching Assistant and Research Assistant, San Diego State University.  Taught engineering graphics. Designed and fabricated a mechanical fluid-sloshing analog.

1962 to 1964 - Mechanical Engineer, Advanced Design Group, Rocketdyne Space Engines Division.  Researched and designed small liquid propellant propulsion systems.

1960 to 1962 - Design Engineer, University of Southern California Engineering Center.  Designed wind tunnel facility hardware, model support systems and force balances.

1959 to 1960 - Combat Engineer, U. S. Army Reserve.  Active duty training.



Registered Professional Engineer, State of Washington, #15194, State of Arizona #46100.



U.S. Patent 5,300,175, "Wafer Bonding Apparatus."

U.S. Patent 9,630,680, "Two Speed Bicycle Transmission . . ."

Publications and Reports 

"Hand Coded Simulations - Anachronism or 10X Tool?," 1998 10X Cycle Time Reduction Symposium.

"High Performance Optics for Portable Displays," co-author, 1996 Quest Display Symposium.

"Substrate Mounting for Wafer Thinning or Substrate Removal - New Techniques and Factors," co-author, 1992 Conference on GaAs Manufacturing Technology.

"Implantable Hydraulic Power and Control for the Artificial Heart," principal author, 1976 Conference on Fluid Power.

"A Stirling Engine Approach to an Implantable Heart Assist System," co-author, 1973 Intersociety Energy Conversion Engineering Conference.

"Three Approaches to the Measurement of Low Static Pressures in the Hypervelocity Shock Tunnel," 1969 MDAC Report.

"Hypervelocity Shock Tunnel Force Measurement Critique," 1969 Supersonic Tunnel Association Conference.

"Techniques Used to Conduct External Burning Experiments in the Shock Tunnel," coauthor, 1966 AIAA Aerodynamic Testing Conference.


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